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I have always had a passion for photography. It began when I was given a camera for my 6th birthday. I am lucky enough to have visited more than 26 countries, as well as exploring Australia and photography helped me create memories and tell the stories of my travel.

After 25 years working in the corporate and not-for-profit sector I had achieved everything I wished to. I knew it was time to step out on my own as a business owner.

Throughout my experience I realised that the businesses, that were truly successful were the ones that were people focused, they had a compelling and engaged culture. The teams were engaged, the environment was buzzing, people loved to be there, the workplace had a wonderful aura about it.

I reflected on what inspires me, what helps to drive culture. One of the things that was key is the environment we work in every day.

Combining my 25 years experience across multiple sectors, my understanding of culture, the workplace environment with my passion for photography and art The Office Art Specialists was born.

Our mission is to inspire teams to greatness by creating an environment that encourages engagement and high performance through art that features nature and the natural world.

I help companies achieve this through a unique 5 step process, where I work with both senior management & the larger team to create a unique environment suited to their team.

As the founder of The Office Art Specialists I work on the strategic direction and growth of the business to work with over 4,000 businesses with the goal to impact the workplaces of over 1 million Aussie workers by 2025.

We truly understand that business success is dependant on the culture of your team. A great culture allows you to attract, recruit and retain the best talent suited to your business.

Your investment in a great office environment pays dividends to you in so many ways, lower staff turnover, attracting the best talent, improved productivity and creativity of your team.

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