Why Office Art is good for your business

Office Art for business

Choosing the right office art for your business is important.

Office art can have many positive flow on benefits for your business, your team and your customers.

It sets the mood, tone and can lift the feelings in a space. Office artwork can also be used to calm and relax.

Each space within your office needs to feature different artwork with the appropriate characteristics.

For instance, the office art in your reception space needs to be focused on creating an amazing first impression. It should energise both your team and visitors.

But it also needs a story, something that can allow the mind to wander so that if guests unexpectedly spend a long time in your reception they can lose themselves in the artwork and the story.

We take the time to tailor a complete solution for you and your team. Additionally we have access to a variety of art including original works and limited edition prints direct from local Australian artists. We do not supply cheap imported art.

We help you from the art selection to the installation to minimise the impact on you and your business.

Finally, we have partners with finance options meaning that you are able to set up a financing option to expense your art over 2-3 years instead of an upfront capital cost.

Top 5 reasons to invest in Office Art for your business

Improve Profit
Improve Productivity & Engagement
Attract the quality of clients you desire
Demonstrates Leadership & Innovation
Brings beauty, nature and travel into the workspace

Improve Profit

Your team is the most important asset in your business. To get the most from your team, reduce staff turnover and improve productivity you need to focus on the happiness and wellbeing of your team.

The environment in which we work has both conscious and unconscious effects on our mood and wellbeing. Additionally wall art is a very visual demonstration of your care for your team and the environment in which they work. Decorating your office with art shows you care.

Improve Productivity & Engagement

There is clear research that demonstrates that the single most important factor in improving productivity is happiness. Focus on creating the right culture, environment and mood in your team and productivity will increase.

A recent poll suggests that only 24% of Australian workers are fully engaged in their work. People work harder when they are happy, it is that simple.

Attract the Quality of Clients you Desire

You know that first impressions count, when was the last time you visited another business and the second you walked in to their offices you wished you could walk right out again?

It didn’t feel right, their calibre was not what you expect for the businesses you deal with, they just didn’t look professional enough.

Try this, next time you walk through the front door of your business pretend you are a new customer walking in for the first time.

If the answer to these questions is no, we can help.

Demonstrates Leadership & Innovation

Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

The same applies for business, when you engage a new trusted advisor to your business.

Do you want them to be where you are right now, or do you want them to be in a position you aspire to in the future.

We all want to work with the best in the business, the specialists, the leaders. Are you a leader in your field?

Are you demonstrating leadership and innovation in your office environment, it is aspirational?

Brings beauty, nature and travel into the workspace

Whether we like it or not we tend to spend more time in our offices than we do outside, exploring, enjoying nature’s beauty and travelling.

We mustn’t forget why we work so hard, we do it for our families, so we can have the life we aspire to, the freedom to relax and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

To explore nature and sit at the base of a roaring waterfall or to travel and sit on a beautiful beach with a cocktail in our hand.

Bringing art particularly art featuring nature, the colours the calm us or the destinations that remind us or inspire us into our work space is important for our sanity.

To remind us of our dreams and to ground us in those moments when we need escape.

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